1. Do you ship to any other country?

No, we only ship within Australia at the moment.

2. What are your shipping costs?

Shipping cost is based on the product price and how many products are purchased in each order.

3. Do you ship express shipping?

No, we do not have express shipping available at this time.

4. Do you send to Po Boxes?

We can send to some Po Boxes depending on the courier we use at the time of your order.

5. What is the material used for clothing?

100% Cotton.

6. Where are the products shipped from?

We may ship from Sydney (Unless we do not have the product in stock at the time of your order)

7. Can we pick up products?

No, all products are shipped.

8. Can we use our own RRP?

Yes you can, these are unique pieces and the designs are from tattoo artist's that put their tattoo designs on these products,
they are detailed products and are genuine pieces, hence why they are higher cost.

9. Is there a minimum quantity or minimum spend before an order is placed?

No, you can buy what you need at any time when placing your order with us.

10. Do you put our business details on the packages sent if it's a dropship order?

No, we display Black Market Art Company on all packages.

11. What sizes are the clothing?

When placing an order, you will see sizing available on product page, just select the clothing size you require, Women's clothing sizes are generally S-XL (unless stated otherwise), Men's clothing sizes are S-2XL (unless stated otherwise). Please refer to our size chart.

12. How do i place an order?

We require you to create an account to be able to purchase with us. Prices will be shown once you have created an account and are logged in.

13. How do i create a wholesale account?

Create an account and login is all that is required, once logged in, you can download our product CSV files, Click on the attachments tab under category Download Product CSV file, they will automatically download for you. Do not add these to cart as we do not charge for these.

14. Do you notify us of out of stock or discontinued products, clearance sales etc?

We do not notify you of out of stock products this you will need to check the stock amount yourself, we will send out information in regards to discontinued products or clearance products.

15. Do you have a retail online store for retail customers?

Yes we sure do,  if you are a retail customer please go here for our online store https://blackmarketartcompany.com.au/Retail/