We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Black Market Art Company USA and are the new distributors/suppliers for Black Market Art Company within Australia.

We sell wholesale to retail stores, markets, online businesses etc. If you would like to sell any of the products we have please create an account first.

If you would like a Wholesale account please create an account first. Account creation is required to purchase from our website.

No minimum order purchase or quantity required, Purchase what you need whenever you like.

Material of clothing is 100% Cotton.

Black Market Art truly embraces today’s new art and the artists that create them. Over 2000 different original works of art from over 175 different artists from across the globe.

We offer their art on apparel, stretched canvas giclee’s, paper prints and accessories. With so many different artists, Black Market is able to offer a diverse range on today’s hottest new art. Every garment we offer has a hang tag with the artists name and their contact information. You are not just getting original art but you know who created it and how to find out more about them. On the back of every stretched canvas is the artists name and the name of their piece. We want to make sure the artist gets the recognition and credit they deserve. As a Company we pride ourselves in the quality, fit and style of our products. We pay the utmost attention to every detail of the garment to bring you the best apparel available. The printing processes we use are the most cutting edge available today. This allows us to bring you the best reproduction of the artist’s original art possible. It is you our customers that allow us to do what we love, creating quality products featuring the art of truly gifted and impactful artists. We hope you will appreciate the art and the work our artists have put into it as much as we do.